In 10 Extension HPE we are learning about Biomechanics and the students are analysing their own tennis serve by applying the principles. If you are interested in having a look at ‘Levers’ within the biomechanics framework, then have a look at this in depth video. Advertisements

Behaviour Management

Hi EDC3100’s, It’s Wednesday and that means three days to go! The last couple of days have been very mentally draining. As it is term 4, things are starting to wind down and the students’ are requiring  large amount of behaviour management. For example, on Monday I took the grade 11 Outdoor Rec class and we completed … More Behaviour Management

Last 5 days

This peace has flown by – it’s been great so far and hopefully this week will be there cherry on the top. Riss writes about her appreciation of her mentor teacher and resources. Check it out it is a very good read. Cheers, Rach.


HPE & ICT 2 down 1 week to go! Embedding ICT in HPE classes is not as easy as it seems. For a grade 10 extension HPE class I am taking, they are using iPads to capture their Tennis serve for their Biomechanics unit. The serves were captured from behind and from the side to … More HPE &ICT

Wet Weather

Wet Weather and Health and Physical Education.. Need I say more? Wet weather, health and physical education and ICTs! Not always the best mixture but this is good practice for always having a plan B. Hopefully, things can clear up! Hope everyones assignments and prac has treated them well. Rach. PS. Check out Dartfish – its … More Wet Weather